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Teacher Bio: I have been a teacher at United Local for the last 10 years. I received my bachelors degree in English/Language Arts from Youngstown State University in 2008. I currently coach Jr. High Football, Assistant Varsity Girls Basketball, and serve as the Assistant Athletic Director along with teaching 8th grade Langauge Arts.



Welcome to Mr. Burd's webpage. You will find many of our in-class notes, anchor charts, worksheets, mini-lessons, and mentor texts, and accompanying assignments in the pages to the left.

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Class Syllabus

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Daily Agenda: 

Bell Ringers

Monday-Video Journal


Wednesday-Word Work


Friday-Figurative Language

Book Talk- Everyday

Student Led Book Talks

Reading Workshop- Monday-Thursday

Reader's Response Options- Document with all of the options available to you to create a weekly written response to your reading

Readers Response #7 Prompt

Readers Response #8 Prompt

Characterization Mini-Lessons

Monday- Anti-Virus Meeting w/ Mr. Coffee

Tuesday- Introduction to ways in which dialogue reveals aspects of a character, provokes a decision, or propels the action with in a story.

Wednesday- Review and Read Independently

Thursday- Read Ch. 2 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and identify ways in which incidents and dialogue help to reveal aspects of a character, provoke a decision, and propel the story.  

Writing Workshop- Monday-Thursday:

Sign up for Google Classrom and copy and paste your Blog Post to the assigned topic:

2nd/3rd Period Class Code- 4dpi7z

4th/6th Period Code- ooqqfo

7th/8th Period Code- bb9fy27




Poetry Workshop- Fridays Only

I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

Respond to the Poem in one of the following ways:

Illustrate a stanza or the whole poem with direct evidence of the imagery included somewhere on the paper

Re-write the poem line by line, using the same themes that Wordsworth uses in each line

Re-write the poem from a new or different perspective

Re-write the poem with a new beginning: "I Wandered Lonely as a _____________"

Click on the link above and find today's date for this weeks poem and the process we are going to take to examine that poem each week