School Supply Lists 2019-2020

Kg - Supplies will be provided by the kindergarten teachers.  A $20 supply fee is requested at the start of school to help cover the cost.

1st Grade - /userfiles/4/my files/1st grade supply list.pdf?id=6150

2nd Grade - /userfiles/4/my files/2nd grade supply list.pdf?id=6151

3rd Grade - /userfiles/4/my files/3rd grade supply list.pdf?id=6152

4th Grade - /userfiles/4/my files/4th grade supply list.pdf?id=6153

5th Grade - /userfiles/4/my files/5th grade supply list.pdf?id=6154

6th Grade - /userfiles/4/my files/6th grade supply list.pdf?id=6155