United Local School District

Board of Education


Bylaw 0169.1

Public Participation at Board Meetings



All meetings of the Board of Education will be open to the public. 


Anyone desiring to speak before the Board of Education will contact the Superintendent to be placed on the agenda at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the stated meeting, or in cases of emergency issues, by contacting the office of the Superintendent or Treasurer as soon as possible previous to the meeting.


The purpose for requesting Board time must be stated in writing along with the person's name, address and telephone number. Speakers will be introduced by the Superintendent or appropriate school administrator and recognized by the Board President.


In order for the Board to fulfill its obligation to complete the planned agenda in an effective and efficient manner, a maximum of thirty (30) minutes of public participation, per issue, will be permitted at each regular meeting of the Board.


Each person wishing to speak on an issue will be allotted five (5) minutes until the total time of thirty (30) minutes is used. During that period, no person may speak twice until all who desire have had the opportunity to do so. The period of public participation may be extended by a majority vote of the Board.


If several people are present regarding a single issue, the use of a spokesperson is encouraged. All persons addressing the Board shall first state their name and discussions will proceed in an orderly fashion and be presided over by the Board President and governed by existing policy as to content and subject.


Additionally, at the completion of the meeting agenda and at the discretion of the Board, the President may request public comment or questions from those in attendance. Any person wishing to speak will be recognized by the President and will state their name before presenting a brief comment, not to exceed three (3) minutes, to the Board. Due to the immediate nature of the discussion, the Board has no obligation to respond and no action by the Board should be expected.