Ag II Plant and Animal Science

Ag 2

This course in the pathway focuses on the broad knowledge and skills required to research, develop, produce and market agricultural, horticultural, and native plants and plant products. Students will apply principals and practices of plant physiology and anatomy, plant protection and health, reproductive biology in plants, influences in bio-engineering, plant nutrition and disorders. Environmental aspects of irrigation, chemical application, soils, and pest management will be studied and applied. Projects and activities will enable students to develop communication, leadership, and business management skills.

Plant and Soil Science

1st 9 Weeks

Summer project record keeping on AET Tracker 

Soil Science & Evaluation 

Plant Nutrition


2nd 9 Weeks 

More record keeping

Plant Anatomy/Physiology

Small Engines


3rd 9 Weeks 
Plant Taxonomy/Growth   
Grain Crops  

4th 9 Weeks

Summer project record keeping on AET Tracker
Plant Reproduction

Genetically Modified Organisms