AgIII Livestock Selection, Nutrition and Reproduction

Ag 3

Animal Nutrition, Health and Reproduction

Learners will apply principles of nutritional management for various classes of animals. Learners will analyze nutritional content/quality of feeds; formulate rations; develop feeding recommendations; identify deficiency symptoms and implement corrective methods as needed.  Care/management plans are developed that reflect the classification of animals and follows best practices and legal compliance. Learners will monitor/evaluate the quality of animal habitats and estimate carrying capacity as it relates to the impact of the environment and animal health.   Other subjects that may be taught depending on time available are: concrete & masonry, electrical wiring and plumbing


1st 9 Weeks

Record keeping

Livestock Reproduction

2nd 9 Weeks 

Electrical wiring

Record keeping finish out past year  & start new

3rd 9 Weeks

Livestock Nutrition  

Project Record keeping

4th 9 Weeks   

Livestock Nutrition

Project Record keeping ready for summer