Ag IV Agricultural and Environmental Business Management

Ag 4

Learners will examine elements of business, identify organizational structures and identify and apply management skills. Learners will develop business plans, financial reports and strategic goals for new ventures or existing businesses. Learners will use marketing concepts to evaluate the marketing environment and develop a marketing plan with marketing channels, product approaches, promotion and pricing strategies. Learners will practice customer sales techniques and apply concepts of ethics and professionalism while understanding related business regulations. Other subjects that may be taught depending on time available are: concrete & masonry, electrical wiring and plumbing.

Agricultural Business 

1st 9 weeks
Record keeping


Business Management

2nd 9 weeks
Grain Storage and Marketing
Project Record keeping

3rd 9 weeks

Agricultural Economics

Business Structures

4th 9 weeks

Loan Management/Credit

Insurance & Accounting

  Personal Finance