Algebra 1 Syllabus

Mr. Beaumariage Algebra 1 Syllabus




  1. Earbuds-bring to class everyday
  2. Calculator-bring to class everyday
  3. Folder-bring to class everyday
  4. Notebook-bring to class everyday
  5. Pencils-bring to class everyday
  6. Red Pens-bring to class everyday


Class Assignment Types

  • Notes for each chapter will be passed out at the beginning of the chapter.  Each student is responsible for taking all of the notes.  Extra credit on each chapter test will be solely based on 100 percent completion no exceptions.  All notes will be permitted to be used on Final Exams.
  • Worksheets for each section will be passed out at the beginning of the chapter.  Selected problems will be assigned for homework and must be completed the next day for a completion grade.  If not completed, a zero will be assigned and the assignment can be finished and rechecked for half credit at the conclusion of the chapter test.  Nothing will be accepted after the chapter test.
  • Homework will also be assigned on an online website called Math XL.  These assignments will have due dates and will not be accepted after the due date for any reason other than an excused absence. 
  • All work will kept in a notebook for all Math XL assignments and checked after the Due date for the assignment. 
  • A quiz can be given at any time during the year and can be either on paper or on Math XL.
  • Tests will always be announced and can either be on paper or on Math XL.  



  • Direct instruction at the white board
  • Direct instruction with a mobi tablet and projector
  • Elmo projections
  • Individual work
  • Partner work
  • Group work
  • Youtube lessons


Grading Policy

  • Worksheets 10 points
  • Math XL 10 points
  • Quiz 20 points
  • Test 50 points
  • Notes Extra Credit on Tests


Attendance Policy

            If you are absent you must provide a blue slip to get your work.  If work was due the day you were absent that work or quiz/test will be due at that point.  The work that you missed in class will be due in accordance with how many days you missed.  1 day absent 1 day to turn in 2 days absent 2 days to turn in and so on. 


Discipline Policy

  • Late to class more than 5 time for the entire year will result in a referral to the office.
  • I will allow 2 verbal warnings for class distractions
  • On the 3rd violation an email/phone call will be sent contacting your parents and informing them that the next infraction will lead to an office referral. 
  • 4th violation will be a referral to the office and all violations after.