World Studies  


This course examines world events from 1600 to the present. It explores the impact of the democratic and industrial revolutions, the forces that led to world domination by European powers, the wars that changed empires, the ideas that led to independence movements, and the effects of global interdependence. The concepts of historical thinking introduced in earlier grades continue to build with students locating and analyzing primary and secondary sources from multiple perspectives to draw conclusions. As we study historic eras, we will learn how to think like historians as we attempt to link the past to the present. We will also consider therms of government. Finally, we will continue to develop our research skills as well as 21st Century Skills needed to be successful in our modern world.

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  • Period 1: bpoptqf
  • Period 2: velclc
  • Period 3: imcf8ve
  • Period 7: 4gnkya
  • Period 8: 2ccqly
  • Period 9: 158w0e

You can find a copies of our course syllabus, 9 weeks outlines, classroom rules/expectations, and my electronic usage policy by clicking the links below: 

  • Prehistory to the Age of Absolutism UnitPrehistory to the Age of Absolutism Unit

    From the first nomadic groups struggling to survive, to the development of the first civilizations and empires, to the formation of powerful monarchs…we will be taking a crash course through history to review key information that you learned…and probably forgot…from 7th grade social studies. 

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