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WHO? United Class of 2024

WHAT? Chestnut Hill Candles

WHERE? Online ONLY (4 Candle minimum order)

United class of 2024 GROUP ID-6844

WHEN? February 23 - March 9

WHY? to raise money for the prom ($4 profit on each candle sold)

Please send this out to all of your family and friends. All orders are done online and shipped to the customer. No collecting of orders or money!!!!! No delivering of candles!!!!!




WHEN: November 4 @ 6:00pm

WHERE: United Local High School Auditorium OR on Zoom ( - Meeting ID: 987 0750 5950)


As you will soon find out high school is going to be a very busy four years of your life! Your Freshman Class advisor is Ms. Whiteleather and Mr. Jones will be assisting her this school year! In addition to announcements on this website, Mr. Jones will be posting information and sign-up sheets in his classroom throughout the school year. 


This website will help students and parents stay up-to-date on the latest Freshman Class fundraisers, projects, and general information.  Make sure you check back here frequently to stay up to date with all things Freshman Class-related!


To contact us please call the school at (330) 223-7102 or send us an email at or

Class Officers:

  • President: Grayson Kidder
  • Vice President: Desiree Bush
  • Secretary: Mati Zines
  • Treasurer: Maddox French

Student Council:

  • Brendan Craig
  • Owen Davis
  • Maddox French
  • Samantha Lippiatt
  • Maddie Young

Principal's Adivsory Council:


Freshman Class Fundraisers:

Our goal is to raise approximately $8,000 between now and your Junior Class Prom!!!


  • Candy Sale: The Freshman Class holds an annual Candy Sale in September-October! 


  • Cookie Walk: The Freshman Class organizes an annual Cookie Walk at a home Boys Basketball game in December! 


  • Musical/Play Concession Stand: The Freshman Class works the concession stand during the Spring Musical/Play!  We usually need 4 volunteers to work the concession stand each day.  In addition, we also will need donations of cases of canned diet and regular pop as well as cases of bottled water to sell.  Sign up sheets will be in Mr. Jones' classroom. 


  • Band Banquet: The Freshman Class caters the annual Band Banquet held in May.  We will need parents and students to volunteer to work/serve at the banquet.  Obviously Freshman who are in band will be unable to serve, but you could still sign up to help set up!  A sign up sheet will be in Mr. Jones' classroom. 


For more information click on tabs or contact Ms. Whiteleather or Mr. Jones. 

Prom Pages:

The Freshman Class provides Prom Pages to assist with the Prom Parade of Fashions.  Class Officers are required to sign up OR find a replacement for them. A sign up sheet will be in Mr. Jones' classroom.  Please check with Ms. Whiteleather for more information.


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