Prentice Hall World History: The Modern Era Textbook

World Studies students will be using an eText version of Pearson's "World History: The Modern Era."  To access this eText follow the steps below:


(1) Go to


(2) Type in your school assigned username: 

  • For MOST of you it is your First Name, followed by your Last Name, followed by 123: i.e. CurtisJones123
  • For a FEW of you it is 123, followed by your First Name, followed by your Last Name: i.e. 123CurtisJones
  • IF those don't work...try your school email!


 (3) Enter your school assigned password: password1

  • To change this password: (1) click "Settings" (2) make sure you are on the "Account" tab (3) scroll down to "Reset Password"
  • Your teachers will NOT have access to these passwords so make sure you write it down somewhere safe!!!!!

(4) My Google Classroom is synced to our Pearson eText. By accepting my Google Classroom invite you will automatically gain access to our Pearson eText.