Spring Musical/Play Concession Stand

Concession Stand

The Freshman Class will be working the concession stand during the Spring Musical/Play March 8 to March 10! We need volunteers to work the concession stand and donations of canned diet and regular pop and cases of bottle water.


Sign up sheets are in Mr. Jones' classroom.


Friday, March 8 (report at 6pm)

  1. Lucas Hively
  2. Kaleb Shinn
  3. Jade Watt (Mom)
  4.  Sam Benner (Mom)


Saturday, March 9 (report at 6pm)

  1. Dante Rapp
  2. Josh Scott


Sunday, March 10 (report at 2pm)

  1. Dante Rapp
  2. Madison Stokes (Mom)


Canned Pop Donations  

  1. Jade Watt (dropped off)
  2. Madison Stokes (dropped off)
  3. Tori Tschappatt (dropped off)
  4. Bryce McKenzie (dropped off)
  5. Dante Rapp (dropped off)
  6. Kaleb Shinn (dropped off)
  7. Nevaeh Hamilton (dropped off)
  8. Julianna Logan (dropped off)
  9. Caleb Blake
  10. Sam Benner
  11. Payne Brereton (dropped off)


Bottled Water Donations                      

  1. Rylee Denman (x2)
  2. Madison Stokes (dropped off)
  3. Bryce McKenzie (dropped off)
  4. Sydney Young (dropped off)
  5. Jade Watt (dropped off)
  6. Nevaeh Hamilton (dropped off)
  7. Sam Benner
  8. Ethan Frase (dropped off)
  9. Ryan Schreffler (dropped off)
  10. Julianna Logan (dropped off)
  11. Payne Brereton (dropped off)