Community Service Project

As part of this course you will be expected to engage in civic participation by performing community service hours and reflecting upon the importance of volunteerism in our democratic nation and globalized world. 

To fulfill this requirement you could join Ruriteens, Key Club, FCCLA, or use your required NHS hours (if you already complete community service through another organization please get approval from Mr. J to use that organization). 

To complete this assignment, complete the required community service hours of your chosen organization, turn in a verified copy of your community service hours, and then write a 2-page reflection paper that includes: (1) What was your most rewarding community service experience you had this year?, (2) Why is volunteerism important in a
democracy?, and (3) How can your volunteerism impact our world?

You have until the end the 4th 9 weeks interims to complete this assignment (WORTH 100 Points—50 points from completing the service hours and 50 points for the 2-page reflection paper).