ULES 3rd Nine Week Report Cards

Report cards for the 3rd nine weeks will be mailed to all ULES families this week.  Inside each envelope, parents will find their child's report card and related academic documents.  ULES would like to provide all parents with online access to their child's report card by June 1st.  As a step toward achieving this goal, parents will also find enclosed with their child's report card, directions to sign up for Parent Access, our school's online system for report card grades.    Parents will receive one of two letters according to our Parent Access report.  Parents who have not created a Parent Access account will receive instructions to complete this process.  Parents who have an existing Parent Access account will receive instructions for the option to add an additional family member's access to their child's report card.  Contact information for assistance is included in each letter.   Please be reminded that end of year grades in Parent Access will not be posted until June 1st.  Parents should plan to sign up for Parent Access during the weeks ahead before June 1st. in preparation for the posting of end of the year grades.  If you need assistance or special needs, please contact the ULES office or use the email addresses included in the Parent Access instructions.  Thank you for taking this step to help us better serve you and your child.    

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