Pass/Fail Option for Grades 7-12

Pass/Fail Option

With just (3) weeks left in the 4th grading period, this message comes to you with information about how we will finalize grades at the end of this school year. There is no question that this year is ending much differently than anyone had hoped of expected. All of us, including teachers as well as students and parents, we are all working harder as we strive to figure out this new concept of remote learning. While we are getting better at it, we also thank you for your patience.

One thing we know for sure is that teaching and learning from home is much more difficult than being at school. Many families have multiple students that are sharing one family computer. Some students do not have internet at home, and others who do have internet may struggle with an unreliable signal or slow connection speed. The playing field is just not the same for all of our students. 

What we have always known is that once a student gets to junior high, grades begin to have a significant impact on things, such as athletic eligibility. And at the high school level, grades can also impact everything from driver’s insurance discounts, to class ranks, awards, and ultimately scholarships. On the other hand, most of our students are working very hard, they are doing well, and they want their actual grade to be reflected.  

For these reasons, and considering the guidance provided by the Ohio Department of Education, we are offering a Pass/Fail Option for students in grades 7-12 for the 4th 9-weeks. We can  apply this option only if the student’s teacher receives an emailed request from the parent. Otherwise, 4th 9-weeks grade will calculate as usual. In other words, we want the parent to be aware and approve that the Pass/Fail option is being requested. This is only an option for the 4th 9-weeks report card. So, for example - If a parent requests that his child use the Pass/Fail option for their social studies class, and the student does receive a pass grade for the 4th 9-weeks for that class, then the semester grade for that social studies class will in effect be the same as the 3rd 9-weeks grade. The true percentage will still show up on the report card for the 4th 9-weeks, but the final transcript will reflect a semester grade that is the same as the 3rd 9-weeks grade.

For the purposes of this 4th 9-weeks and in accordance with our school’s grading scale, a grade average of 60% or higher will be considered “pass.” Anything below 60% will be reflected as “fail.” Every student situation is different under these circumstances, and for that reason, it only seems fair to give the option to the student, again, however, with the request being made by the parent. Email your child’s teacher if you would like to request the pass/fail option for one or more of your student’s classes. For seniors, we need this request from a parent by May 18. For grades 7-12, please email the request by May 22. If you do not have email access,  you can drop off a written request, signed by the parent, on May 22.

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