Dallas McCracken

Dallas is an athlete that plays football and does wrestling for the United High School Varsity. He has a commitment to Youngstown State University to play football. Dallas is a dynamic blocker because he can push people backwards on runs on offense plays and run through the line on defense. He has very strong arms and legs so that he can block and run through an opponent.

Dallas is a team leader because he never makes fun of someone if they mess up a play and he encourages everybody to do their best.  He also tries to help them if they're struggling to do a play. Dallas said that his mom inspired him to play football.

His favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys and favorite players are Zack Martin and Micah Parsons. His teammates Luke, Trent, Logan, and Big-Mac are his friends off and on the field. He is excited for the League championship game Friday, October 20th. We asked if he would change any of the rules in the game he said, “Holding calls.”