Tom Clemens

Tom Clemens is a custodial supervisor for the United Local School District. He said he likes his job because he likes helping people and he gets to work with a variety of people. Tom began his career as a custodian and he transferred to the maintenance department before becoming head supervisor for the district.

  Solving problems is Tom’s speciality. There's always a problem somewhere in the building that needs to be solved or fixed. It could be heating, the boiler, or the tractor, a pencil sharpener, or a toilet.  First he checks his emails, which have all the help desk requests.  These requests contain all the problems from the teachers and the coaches.  Next, he goes through them and then he goes out and fixes whatever ones come in. 

In the mornings Tom checks the weather because he needs to work on the fields and get them ready for events. He then meets with the maintenance guys to give a list of things that need done for the day. 

Custodians and maintenance workers are the reason public places are clean, so we need to do our part and clean up after ourselves more often. He works hard every day so we should do our part to help out.