RJ Salmen

RJ started playing soccer because his mom made him, but he ended up liking it and continued to play. When he was younger he played center back, outside back and winger. Now he mainly plays wing back. Even though he usually plays defense he also likes offense. He had a goal to go to state finals last year and it’s the same this year.

He has been playing soccer for 10-12 years. As a freshman he was on the varsity team and lettered. According to him the best part about soccer is making a clean slide tackle.

RJ said, “To become a better athlete you have to focus on your goals and try your hardest at practice.” His main weakness is communication with the back line. Communication is also his team’s weakness. His strength is movement of the ball. For example, if someone has the ball he knows where to go so no player is around him. If he ever saw a teammate struggling, he would help them by telling them where they should go or what they should do. 

We hope he keeps working to accomplish his goals.