Officer Bailey

Officer Bailey’s responsibilities are: to reform the law, make sure students are behaving themselves, make sure all kids are safe, and the building is secure from bad guys. He has been a sheriff for over thirty years. He really likes being a sheriff and loves doing the job every day being involved with people and trying to help them. He likes everything about the job except working midnight shifts. 

Officer Bailey was in the army and he was debating whether to stay in the army or get out. He decided to get out of the military and get into law enforcement. The T.V. show cops encouraged him to be a sheriff’s deputy. He loves being a sheriff's deputy at United Local, if he wasn't here then he would have retired. He has been the sheriff’s deputy at our school for the last three years. He thinks United Local is a really good school but sometimes there are hiccups and students make mistakes, but he thinks it is still a really good school.

 Officer Bailey is excited for the new school and he thinks the new school is necessary and a smart move. He thinks that he is going to be the sheriff’s deputy at the new school for about one year.