Liam Paynter

Liam is an athlete that participates in football and wrestling for the United Little Varsity team. Liam can run the pigskin on offense and tackle on defense. He has stong legs to run the ball and strong arms to wrap around a player and make a tackle. Liam has wanted to play football since he was very young. 

Liam plans to either go to The Ohio State University, Penn State, or Iowa for football and wrestling. His favorite NFL team is the Pittsburgh Steelers and his favorite player is Najee Harris. His teammates Arlo Kee, Carter Sweeney, Blake Hiscox, Broady Hiscox, and Colton Casto are his friends off and on the field. He was very hyped up about his team winning the SuperBowl game they had last month. We asked him if he would change any rules in the game of football and he said, “I like all the rules so, no.”