Matthew Fowler


On the 8th of December 2023, I, Elijah DiLeo interviewed Matthew Fowler. I was looking for a good friend to interview at church one night, and thought to myself, “He’s a great friend of mine, he’s a very kind guy, he’s a leader in Christ, he would be perfect for an interview!”


Matthew Fowler teaches High School English at United Local Schools. In his classes he tries to prepare his students for life and help them have more knowledge for the real world. He likes it when students get a grip on things they thought they couldn't possibly do and how they are goofballs while doing it! His least favorite thing about teaching is seeing students struggle, but he loves being a teacher.


Matthew is also a youth pastor at Winona Friends church where I attend. He gives people a good look at the Lord and Jesus Christ! He encourages others to believe in Christ and come to church!


Matthew Fowler is a great person. He believes in God, he helps the community, he's a teacher and he is kind to all.