Brogan and Bryce

Brogan Kuttler and Bryce Weaver are third graders who have been working really hard to improve their education. Mr. Kadvan is Brogan’s homeroom teacher and Ms. Wilmoth is Bryce’s. Both third graders started going to this school in kindergarten. Bryce didn’t have any education prior to this. Some days Bryce enjoys school, some days he doesn't. Brogan likes going to school because he gets to go to all the classes and his favorite part of the day is math.

Brogan’s favorite subject is literacy, while Bryce's favorite is math. Their favorite thing about this year is going to all the classes and math. Brogan doesn’t like math celebrations, while Bryce does not enjoy when they have dance parties in the hallway. Surprisingly Brogan’s least favorite part about school is recess. Bryce does not enjoy how long school is. Both of them agree that they like switching classes so far, as this is their first year doing this. If Brogan could get Mr. Kadvan to change one thing he would want him to not have the big screen in his room. If Bryce could get his teacher to change one thing it would be the lights in her room because they sometimes give him headaches.

We are excited to see how they grow over the next few years.