Janitor's Closet

The Janitor’s closet is used for different things; some hold more things than others. There are a total of 4 different Janitor’s closets in the school. There is one in the highschool, one in the middle school and then two in the elementary. The middleschool closet houses paper towels, soap dispensers, a sink, mop buckets, wet floor signs, and a ladder. The highschool closet is pretty small and just has extra soap dispensers. The elementary closet is located right when you walk into the boys bathroom on your left. It is long and skinny so there normally are just ladders and floor mopping products in there. If you walk all the way through you come out by the elementary cafeteria. The last closet is really small and by the 2nd grade bathrooms. It just has paper towels and some buckets inside. The Janitor’s closet holds a lot more equipment than we thought.