Mr. Hostetler

     Mr. Hostetler is the superintendent of the United Local School District. As superIntendent he is in charge of the planning and execution of education at United and he has to follow the policies the board has instituted. The board is made up of  5 citizens from around the district and they make the district rules. Mr. Hostetler is not too involved with the construction of the new building, but he tells the company what he wants. Some of the new building upgrades are: air conditioning, three makerspace classrooms, extended learning spaces, and state of the art plumbing. The extended learning spaces will be on the outside of each classroom and will be used for projects. These spaces will have unique things like greenscreens and technology upgrades. To prepare the students for the major changes, teachers have been incorporating more project based assignments in the classroom. We asked him if he thought we would have a robotics team and he said he would love to have one, but we will need a staff member to coach it. 

      Mr Hostetlers day is always different. He has many meetings to attend each day. Some are in the district and others are out of the district. Before he became a Superintendent he was first a teacher and wondered what it would be like to be a principal so he became a principal at Columbiana High School. He became United’s superintendent in 2017.  He likes being a leader and working with other leaders. When he was a kid he wanted to be an NFL football player but he became injured so he took a different path. He attended Michigan State University and majored in education. He has one dog and two cats. We asked what his favorite gum flavor was andand we were surprised to learn he had not had soda or gum for over 30 years.