Old School House

Originally there were three school districts with eleven one room school houses.Those three districts decide to combine and form United Local school District in one location. 

The first United school started with 15 classrooms. Additional classes and improvements came about in years to come with the next major additions to take place in 1966. In 1974 an elementary gym was added also known as the Brautigam Center. The elementary school increased in size with additional classrooms in 1984. The high school had several major additions in 1993 when the Brautigam Center was also fixed up to make room for the kindergarten classrooms. 

A new auditorium and gym were added to the high school in 1997 along with another level of classrooms which made a third level. Four years later, a new football stadium was built with a rubber track. 

The newest addition was in 2004 which added six rooms on the east side of the building and moved the elementary office to the front of the building with a parent drop off driveway. 

The United community is looking forward to the next adventure of moving into a new building for grades K-12.

The old school house featured in the picture is one of the original eleven in the district and is currently used as a rental facility.