Ryan Burd, Francine McBride, Andrea Groubert

United Local would like to send a big thank you to Akron Children's Hospital and the Columbiana County Cash Coalition for the generous donation of $2000.00 for United’s food pantry. Each year Columbiana County Cash Coalition offers a Bonnie Hoppel grant to local school districts that apply. United applied for a grant to help support our food pantry which feeds approximately 35 students every weekend.

Pictured are Ryan Burd (teacher at United), Francine McBride (Community Coordinator at Akron Children's) and Andrea Groubert (teacher at United). Mr. Burd and Mrs. Groubert have worked with our students to develop excellent authentic learning opportunities and to identify and take on problems in our own community. We are all extremely proud of the job they have accomplished and look forward to their achievements in the future.